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 Summer Workshops 


Whether your passport is packed with stamps or you’re a first time traveller, IZE’s Summer Workshops are a great introduction to the magnificent country of Belize.  IZE’s Summer Workshops will be led by a diverse group of visiting professors from the US & Belize, and will take place at our two biological field stations within Belize, one of the most ecologically diverse places on the planet.

Workshop Goals


1- Bring together a dynamic group of educators from around the globe to experience first hand what is known as “Nature’s Finest Classroom”. The intent is to open up avenues of engagement with one another, share ideas, relax and recharge with the end results of bringing rewarding skills and energy back into your classroom!


2- For those participants who are interested in bringing a group of students to Belize in future years, this is the perfect opportunity to learn how to develop and deliver an IZE faculty lead short term study abroad program that’s tailored to the meet the goals of your curriculum.

Are you ready?


Contact us at 508-655-1461 or via email

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