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 South Water Caye 


 Meet the staff 

Barbara or “Ms. B.” – Barbara is originally from Vancouver, Canada but she found her way to Belize over a decade ago and has never looked back. Since coming to Belize she has run resorts on tiny Tobacco Caye and in Hopkins Village, but in February of 2014 she finally found the perfect fit serving as Manager of IZE at Southwater Caye. “Besides the incredibly beautiful location of IZE I really love the unique vision of blending education and tourism and the excitement and energy that this generates. In addition, the IZE staff are truly a wonderful, dedicated group of individuals that love their jobs and their country and I feel very privileged to work with them.”


Alben or “Ben” – Though fairly new to IZE as head of our Marine Team, Ben is not new to Southwater Caye, nor to marine activities, in fact we suspect he has salt water running through his veins. A captain, tour guide, dive master, dive instructor and all round great guy, Ben’s family has a long history in the area and on the sea. He loves to share his passion with others and watch their expression as they discover some of the bizarre and wonderful creatures of the sea for the first time. He says he never gets tired of the clear blue Caribbean waters, either above them or below.


Calistro known as “M” - (don’t ask us why, only his mother knows) is an integral part of what makes IZE special and we can’t imagine the place without him. He hails from the Mayan village of Silver Creek in the Toledo District, the southern- most district in Belize and is in charge of maintenance. As such he ensures that our yard is pristine, our water tanks full and our generators running (among about 1000 other things!) and always with a big smile on his face.


Audrey - Head Cook Audrey, known to all as “Miss Cherry”, is our longest term, and most cherished employee. She has been with IZE for more than 15 years and says what she loves most about her job is meeting the groups of students, even seeing some return as professors leading their own educational programs as the years have passed. She is proud to work at IZE and enjoys sharing her culture as well as her wonderful meals with all who visit. Cherry is a mother of 5 who says she has always loved cooking. As it is seldom you don’t hear singing, music and laughter coming from our kitchen, we’re sure it’s her warmth and special touch of “mother love” that makes our food so special.


Pearl – Pearl is sister to Cherry, and is equally as hard working and dedicated. She has been employed at IZE for over 12 years in charge of Housekeeping, and manages to keep the whole place spotless and still find time to lend a hand in the kitchen on an almost daily basis. Like Cherry, Pearl is of Garifuna descent and was born in Dangriga Town where she raised 3 children and 4 grandchildren. She enjoys the many different people she has met over the years with IZE, particularly the young people who come to further their education and learn more about the Belizean culture.



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